Dissecting the Secrets Behinds the Best Selling 2014 Cars

There are a lot of cars for consumers to consider, but there are some that certainly stand out more than others. The following is a survey presented by http://fastcashforcarssandiego.com/ an automotive service that primarily purchases used cars.


vehicles are designed with things like comfort, style and reliability. This is what makes the following vehicles some of the best sellers for 2014.

The Most Reliable Car in 2014
The Toyota Camry is always at the top of the list of bestselling vehicles. This car seems to be a winner every year because it is reliable. Many people that buy a Camry in 2014 may be able to get more than a decade of use from these vehicles. There are a lot of cars designed by Toyota, but the Toyota Camry shines in 2014 because it is reliable and stylish. People have been very impressed with things like the rear view back up camera in some of these vehicles. Many drivers also love the dashboard that works with smart devices. Bluetooth options are available for hands free cell phone usage.

The Toyota Camry is also a safe car that has multiple airbags. Most consumers have praised this vehicle because it also has such great gas mileage. It is a roomy vehicle that offers more leg room than the Toyota Corolla.

The Sporty Vehicle that Leads the Way in 2014

The Nissan Altima has been around for a while, but it seems to have made a bigger splash in 2014. A lot of people have been thrilled by the really high tech features of this vehicle. There is a 7-inch touch screen that is great for selecting music quickly. Lots of people also are thrilled about the 3D navigation maps. This also has a rear view camera like the Toyota Camry.

The Best Compact Car in 2014

Ford has made a lot of progress with the Ford Fusion. The slick advertising and vibrant colors of this vehicle have made it very appealing to the younger generation. There are a lot of people that are driving this car because it has such great gas mileage.

The Ford Focus manages to get the attention of lots of young people because it is also very affordable. It is a vehicle that performs well, but it is still sold at a very reasonable price.

Every car seem to have features that have propelled sales. The vehicles above have become bestsellers in 2014 because these cars have multiple features that attract buyers.

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